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 Getting Married at Rye Creek

The following information should get you started on planning your wedding at Rye Creek.  We leave the details of the wedding to you!  The services listed here are simply a suggestion and there is no requirement that you use their services. 

Visit the following link for more information on getting married at Rye Creek:


Entire Ranch Rate for Rye Creek Lodge:


The entire ranch must be reserved for events with live music or other activities that would affect other guests.  When the entire ranch is reserved for an event the rate is $3000.00 per night and includes nightly lodging for a maximum of 20 guests.  A minimum of three nights stay is required for reserving the entire ranch during the months of May, June, July, August, September and October.  Rate includes five cabins with a total of 10 beds.  This rate includes Willow, Sapphire, Ponderosa, Aspen, and Granite. 


  • RV’s are welcome but no septic services are available. 

  • Tents are also welcome. 

  • There is no extra charge for people camping when the entire ranch is reserved. 

  • There is no limit to the number of “day guests” when the entire ranch is reserved.

  • We do not have a kitchen for your caterer/chef. 

  • We do not provide or sell alcohol. 

  • Outdoor campfires are permitted depending on weather conditions etc. 

  • We do not provide tents, tables, chairs etc.  

Contact the ranch to check availability or for more information:  888-821-3366

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